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How to Make Awesome Mini Albums using our Accordion Book Kits   


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 They are absolutely perfect for quick & easy projects; they make a very beautiful or a fabulous grunge or vintage art piece & can be used to stand up & display themselves.

 Why are they so perfect? 

Because the Meg’s Garden mini book/junk journal is already made. There is 1 long piece of paper scored for 6 pages; the paper is 180 gsm so can take as many embellishments as you want & the 2 covers are very sturdy 2mm thick card & just need to be glued or attached to pages 1& 6.  No fussy spine, cover, attaching to worry about. And they make wonderful gifts.

 They are also great for using up:

  • those fabulous scraps of patterned papers in your stash
  • some ribbons, laces, loose leftover flowers & leaves
  • ephemera, jutes & more
  • just decide the style & colours
  • and then you really need to rummage into your stash

 If you love to make ‘fat’ books & junk journals with flowers & leaves, pockets, tuck spots & strips, we have a solution for that – we modify the accordions.

You can also do a double sided project by decorating the front & back pages as well as adding fold out parts.

 Before you jump in & start cutting paper, decide:

  • Is it going to be a book, card, journal or junk journal
  • Once the type is decided is it going to be fat or thin
  • If fat, you will need to modify the accordion pages & decide how to close the book
  • Decide if you are going to add a gusset, flaps, extra pages etc – this must be decided before adding any patterned paper etc because they will need to sit under it
  • With the accordion pages 1 & 6 flat on the table, turn over & with a pencil, number the papers 1 through 6 on the back & draw a small arrow to show the top
  • The covers are to be attached only when the pages are done – these 2 steps are to eliminate any ‘issues’
  • Because the individual pages are scored, you will need a bit less patterned paper to cover them. If you use 5”/12.7cm squares the scored edge will bend the paper & you will have a messy score.
  • If you are going to use a piece of patterned paper to cover 2 adjacent pages, you will need to glue the paper on either side of the score & then work your way to the outside edges of the pages glueing/tapeing as you go. Make sure it is all smooth – brayers work well for this. Score your patterned paper at the pages score
  • Are you going to ink all the scores & edges? – if so, best to do it all first & let it dry. You can ink the edges of the covers or cover them with cardstock.
  • Do not attach the covers until the accordion pages are done
  • If you are going to close the book with ribbon or lace, the ties will need to be attached to the back of the covers or run around the covers & pages. Allow at least 12” (30cm) to tie the bow.  Use glue to attach the ties since they will have many dos/undos.
  • Add 2mm packing foam if you want some padding underneath the patterned paper of the cover. And then cover with the paper making sure there is enough overlap on the inside. If all is well, glue the front cover onto the pages first & then make sure that the back cover is level with the front before gluing.

 Let’s have a look at some of the Accordion Books I have made to give you lots of ideas:

    1. A Trip to Hong Kong

This one is a double sided little book; no inking & very simple

No patterned papers inside & no closure - just scraps & collections from a trip.  The covers are padded on the outside – packing foam works really well, as well as some paper towels or tissues folded (not bubble wrap).  Make the padding depth to match the book.  The covers on this book were padded & then covered with patterned paper.

Packing foam can be found at some Bunnings - 2mm thick, 1M wide & 5M long $10.08; also at other stores & also in 12x12” sheets


  1. Chantilly Cream Paper Collection

This is a 1 sided book – the spine is flat, there is no extra ribbon there

  • The individual pages are covered with patterned paper
  • The pages are inked
  • The covers are covered with cream cardstock
  • Cream ephemera are used & there are strips, pockets & tuck spots
  • The organza satin ribbon is attached around the pages & under the covers to tie
  • Embellishments: Transparency sheet butterfly, vintage hardware handle, vintage trinkets, organza ribbon
  1. Captivating Vintage Ladies Cut & Create Collection

This is a 1 sided book – it has a 2” ribbon at the back to allow the book to be displayed to add stability due to the bulk embellishments used.

  • Individual pages are covered with patterned paper & then embellished. There is depth on most of the pages but the 2” ribbon at the back allows this
  • Embellishments: organza ribbon, brass metal frame & corners, paper roses & leaves, Ink bottle with german glass glitter, old book page , laser cut frame, paper rosebuds & leaves, tiny roses, 3mm double side satin ribbon, lace

    4.  Spring Garden Paper Collection

This is designed to be ‘fat’, lots of depth on the pages & bulky embellishments with a display feature in the middle.

  • Before doing any work, you need to do some modifications
  • This has a gusset between pages 3 & 4 to allow the bulky addition of the 2 flaps. The gusset is decorated inside with lace & outside with a ribbon bow. The flaps measure 5” high & 2.5 “ wide with scores on each side of 0.5”
  • In addition on each outside edge of both 3 & 4 are added extra pieces – 8 cm wide includes 1.5cm to attach to the pages 3 & 4. You could easily make them wider if you wish.
  • Embellishments: Lace, white paper puffy roses, pink rosebuds, green organza ribbon, transparency butterfly, white round doilies, paper rose leaves, fabric flowers, pearls, 3mm double sided sating ribbon, Vintage Journal Cards,


  1. Merry Christmas in Creams – Elegant Damask Paper Collection
  • The same gusset & foldouts as Spring Garden
  • Embellishments: White paper wild rose, jewel pin, white leaves, pearls, die cuts, fabric flower, doilies, white statice paper flowers, organza ribbon, Vintage Journal Cards.
  • The lace closure is attached to the back of each of the covers.

    6.  Merry Christmas in Red & Creams

  • No Gusset between 3&4 to extend
  • On the outside edge of page 3 there is a piece of vellum 22cm wide & 4.5cm high. At 10cm in from left score & again at 11.  This 1cm is attached to the edge of page 3. Add a tab to open the flap.
  • The vellum adds an extra texture & element to the flap
  • The covers are covered in red cardstock.
  • The cover has one of the Art Tags decorated with 2 of the Christmas Cut & Creates foam mounted; an organza ribbon bow, transparency hollies, red roses, white statice flowers, a jewel pin & gold stamens. The Tag is cut to fit the cover
  • The organza ribbon closure runs around the back of the pages to tie at the front
  • Embellishments: Christmas Vintage Journal Cards, organza ribbon, red enamel dots, gold metallic ribbon, Christmas cut & create ephemera, vintage trinket

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