German Glass Glitter - 9 Colours

The German Glass Glitter carried by Meg’s Garden

The Glitter is produced by a Bavarian Glass Artisans who create a far superior product & only create Artist Grade Glitters. The glitter is created from a seven-step process that starts with coating a thin substrate of glass with a coat of pure silver. After firing the glass at high temperatures, colour coatings are added, followed by additional firings & coats of silver. After the coated colour glass is completed & cooled, it is ground into different grains (grits) ranging from fine powder (100 grit) to course shards (70 grit).

This multi-stage process & base coat of Silver is what gives our Glitter both the exceptional sparkle, lustrous glimmer & shine, but also its tendency to tarnish to a rich vintage look over time.  It seasons with age & is sometimes referred to as vintage glitter. There is no filler added to the glitter - adding clear glass directly reduces the shimmer & sparkle of the Glitter.

As this product is ground glass, it is not recommended to children & should be handled with care.  

How to Use:
Use most clear drying craft glues & apply to small areas with a paint brush. Use the tip of a paintbrush to lightly brush glitter onto the adhesive for small areas. For larger areas use a small spoon with the tip twisted to control the width of the flow. Also, on large objects, work in sections so the glue won’t dry out. Be careful to ensure that the glass glitter does not bounce all over your work area
Coat your hands in a thin film of baby powder before you start to stop glitter sticking.
Use clear adhesive to make transparent glitter a sheer colour, or a white adhesive to make your finished project more opaque.

First, paint your item the same base colour as the glitter. This will prevent you from seeing a different colour behind the glitters best applied with a paintbrush

To save yourself / carpet/pets & children becoming covered in glitter, simply put your project into a large plastic bag or box before applying the product. Any excess glitter should be well & truly contained. It’s easy to then pour any excess back into the container

Stamping with paint - no extra glue is needed.

Embossed cards - add some fine glitter to the embossing powder before you heat it.

Sparkly edge to your cards - run a glue stick along the very edges & dip the entire edge of the card in a pool of glitter.

Add glitter to - ready-made brads, ribbons, chipboards -  use your imagination & add your own creative stamp to the projects you design.

Want a straight line – use double sided tape as a base 

You can get a clear water-based spray sealer to apply over the glitter if you wish. This will fix the glitter into place and prevent it from falling off.


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