German Leaf Flitter Flakes

An exciting new embellishment - has an organic look & is not garish

Using a dry clean brush, apply a light coat of adhesive to the surface to be embellished.

Wait until it is tacky & then sprinkle the flakes onto the surface similar to embossing powder.  Then, using a textured sponge,  burnish & remove the excess flakes - make sure you are working on a surface where you can collect the excess.

There are 2 colours in the flitter:

  • the gold leaf flakes are made of copper & zinc which, when combined, closely resemble the pure finish of gold metal
  • the silver flitter is aluminium

The flitter can also be mixed with a clear media - acrylic or shellac

Gold leaf flakes

gold flitter
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Silver leaf flakes

silver flitter
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