Vintage Trinkets

A collection of very interesting vintage bronze trinkets. All can be sanded, distressed or patinaed but are extremely effective as they are.  You can also add gesso


sizes 1.2cm to 2.5cm diameter. vintage bronze.

2 each of 8 styles

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sizes 1.2cm to 2.5cm diameter. vintage bronze.

1 each of 8 styles

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Fleur de Lys Filigree

3.5 x 5cm
al 126
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XX Long Filigree

2.5 x 9.1cm
al 125
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Mini Delicate Oval Filigree

1.4cm x 3.8cm. Small & delicate
al 124
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Oval Bronze Filigree

5.5cm wide x 3.2 cm high or vice versa if it works

Rhombus shape

al 123
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Square Antique Filigree

3.5cm square - flower pattern. Great detail
al 122
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Mini handle/knob

43x10mm wide; sits approx 10mm high. Perfect for a mini book
al 121
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Knob - bronze tone vintage

12mm across & 11mm high

Perfect size for small projects

comes with a screw but better to glue it down


al 120
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Mechanical clock

2.2 x 2cm
al 118
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Corners - 4

2cm each side.  approx 3mm thick so will handle chip + cardstock easily

price is per 4 corners

al 117
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Handle w screw

2.ccm wide on handle

designed to screw into a piece with handle hanging down - screw is 0.5cm deep - screw could be cut off & handle then glued

al 115
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Hot air balloon

1.5cm wide x 2.4cm high

al 113
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Round filigree - large

4.5cm diameter. flat at centre, slighly raised around edge
al 112
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Pen Nib

antique bronze finish 5mm x 33mm

a great accent - glue down or hang

al 111
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Faux Lock w bird hasp

3cm diameter. 1piece - hasp lifts up.  decorative rather than functional
al 110
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Handle or pull

perfect for a box lid or drawer. sits flat. 6.4cm wide , 3.5cm from tip of plate to bottom of handle
al 109
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6.5cm high or long depending how you place the handle. sits flat. knob is raised approx 1cm & is 1.4cm wide at the centre
al 108
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Mini Fancy Lock

2.8cm wide x 2cm high when closed. very elegant
al 107
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Lock buckle

Perfect as a finishing touch to a card, box or mini book for an inside section or even a mini pocket - 0.4mm high.

28mm wide x 2.8cm when 2 pieces closed.

al 106
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Filigree flower

very elegant  43 x 38mm. petals are slightly raised but could be raised more. Gorgeous with a jewel in the middle
al 105
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Filigree long oval

2.4 x 6.1cm
al 104
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Filigree strip

14mm x 53mm bronze tone. use sideways or upright. can also be cut in half
al 103
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Filigree oval

Bronze tone 3.7 x  3.0cm

can be cut in half

al 102
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3.6 x 3.6cm bronze tone flower
al 101
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Round filigree

35mm diameter. very delicate
al 129
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Corner - small

2.2cm on each side. Perfect for a delicate accent
al 128
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Corner filigree

3.5cm on each edge. 5cm across diagonal
al 127
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