Hardware metals

The finishing touch to a book, an off the page project or even a scrapbook page. Corners, clasps, keys, toggles, latches, frames & more ...

Cover with gesso & paint or spray to create your own embellishment. 

Lock buckle

Perfect as a finishing touch to a card, box or mini book for an inside section or even a mini pocket - 0.4mm high.

28mm wide x 2.8cm when 2 pieces closed.

al 106
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6.5cm high or long depending how you place the handle. sits flat. knob is raised approx 1cm & is 1.4cm wide at the centre
al 108
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Handle or pull

perfect for a box lid or drawer. sits flat. 6.4cm wide , 3.5cm from tip of plate to bottom of handle
al 109
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Faux Lock w bird hasp

3cm diameter. 1piece - hasp lifts up.  decorative rather than functional
al 110
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Handle w screw

2.ccm wide on handle

designed to screw into a piece with handle hanging down - screw is 0.5cm deep - screw could be cut off & handle then glued

al 115
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Corners - 4

2cm each side.  approx 3mm thick so will handle chip + cardstock easily

price is per 4 corners

al 117
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Corner filigree

3.5cm on each edge. 5cm across diagonal
al 127
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Corner - small

2.2cm on each side. Perfect for a delicate accent
al 128
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Oval Antique Bronze Keyhole

3.7 x 2.5cm   NEW

pattern carved on front  only - back is flat

al 130
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Box Handle Knob w arch tracery

4.3x1cm   NEW
al 131
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