Artist: Gayle Price

Microscope Glass Slides & Mailers

Fantastic projects. An Objet D'Art for embellishment. The small cardboard booklets contain craters for glass slides - either 1, 2 or 4. You awaken it & reveal its secrets.  Paint them, stain them, cover with paper, turn each into an amazing work of art. Use collage, photos, stamps, inks, vellum or embossing.

The slide mailers are heavy weight grey cardboard & take paints & gesso beautifully.  No paints? then cover with paper.

Slide Mailer - single

2 pieces.
mailer sgl
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Slide mailer - double


mailer dbl
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Slide Mailer - quad

2 pcs/pk
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Slide Mailers -multi pack

2 singles, 2 doubles & 2 quads

Singles, Doubles & Quads available individually in Category :

mailer multi
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Slide Mailers - Double Pack

2 packs of the multi's -

4 of each for some serious microscope art

mailer 2 multi
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Glass slides

Each slide is 2.5cm x 7.6cm x 1.0 - 1.2mm & each box contains 50 slides.  Click on the magnifying glass to have a look at the slide show for some ideas - you can do a simple project or an over the top. Consider doing a slide as part of a card, even as a Christmas ornament
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Smaller pack of slides

10 slides to see if you want to do more projects
10 slides
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stamped cover w leafy charm

the inside slide uses copper tape

Stamped cover

shows inside is also stamped

This double has a slide on the cover as well

with a simpler inside


inside is also stamped

Parisian quad mailer outside

Inside the quad

Outside the single


this single mailer is tied up w a ribbon

front of a double


inside a double


a fab charm for the front of a mailer

front of mailer covered with paper


inside a double mailer