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How to create a patina or verdigris on brass charms

Here is the basic recipe for home patina:  make a solution of dark vinegar & salt, about five parts vinegar to one of the salt.  Use a large shallow glass baking pan.   Degrease your brass by washing in hot soapy water & drying THOROUGHLY.  Then place in the solution, being careful not to overlap or let anything touch together.  Soak for at least an hour.  Take out of the bath & put on a metal baking sheet & bake HIGH oven for an hour or until you like how they look.  Take them out, swish in the solution & bake again for another thirty minutes.   Remove from the oven, swish in the solution while hot with a tongs, don't touch them!  Metal is hot!   & then let them dry on two-three layers of wax paper.  This will achieve the beautiful blue-green patina.  If you don't want the verdigris, don't swish them in the solution again after the final bake.   After they cool or achieve the verdigris (sometimes you have to let them set overnight) then you can take them & buff them out, enhance with inks, acrylics, Rub and Buff, whatever you like.  You do really need to seal this sort of finish.  I prefer Renaissance Wax but for lack of that, you can use Turtle Wax from the hardware store---it, too, is a form of microcrystalline wax & the seal is very muted, matte, almost appears not to exist.....but is VERY durable, whether you use Renwax or Turtle. Renwax is the more professional finish.