Emperor Crystal Jewel Pin

2.5cm round crystal wrapped in silver filigree & diamantes with diamante rondelles & small pearls at the top & base.  Pin is 6.35cm long & jewel section is 2cm long

Duke Crystal Jewel Pin

Faceted 1cm diameter round crystal sitting in a filigree with another filigree bead & 2 spacers with a 6.35cm pin. Jewel section is 2cm long

Duchess Crystal Jewel Pin

An oval faceted crystal 1cm wide x 1.5cm long sits in a filigree cap with small pearls top & base.
Jewel section is 2.3cm long with pin 6.34 long

Regency Crystal Jewel Pin

Faceted crystal is 1.2cm wide & long with small pearl at top & base.

Jewel section is 1.8cm long; pin is 6.45 long

Majesty Pearl Jewel Pin

3 pearls: Top of pin 3mm pearl, then a diamante rondelle. The major pearl is 2cm diameter, followed by another diamante rondelle & finishes with the 3rd pearl with a diameter of 1cm.

The Jewel section is 3.5cm long, actual pin 12cm

Makes a major statement on an art project

main jewel pic

Duchess Pin on a Card