Lavande - fr. Lavender

This Collection of Papers features many shades of the lavender colour:

  • Mini Album papers - digital download & printed 12 papers & 6 ephemera
  • A4 papers - digital download & printed 12 papers & the same 6 ephemera
  • 12x12's - available  - also now printed & download
  • 6 pages of ephemera (A4 size) are also available as a digital download


'Originally, the name lavender only applied to flowers. By 1930, the book A Dictionary of Color identified three major shades of lavender—[floral] lavender, lavender gray, and lavender blue, and in addition a fourth shade of lavender called old lavender (a dark lavender gray). By 1955, the publication of the ISCC-NBS Dictionary of Color Names (a color dictionary used by stamp collectors to identify the colors of stamps), now on the Internet, listed dozens of different shades of lavender. Today, although the color floral lavender (the color of the flower of the lavender plant) remains the standard for lavender, just as there are many shades of pink (light red, light rose, and light magenta colors), there are many shades of lavender (some light magenta, some light purple, [mostly] light violet [as well as some grayish violet] and some light indigo colors.'

This is from Wikipedia.  I think many of the shades of  lavender are covered in the 12 papers & the 8 ephemera in this Collection. 


The papers feature elegant faded shades of lavender - totally ready for you to work your creative magic.